Hayden Lake Marina: Benefits of Boat Rentals on Hayden Lake vs. Surrounding Lake

Do you want to bring your family and friends out for a day of fishing, skiing, or just cruising around the lake? Do you need to find a boat rental in Coeur d’Alene, but don’t like the headache and hassle of overcrowded boat launches and boat traffic on bigger lakes? Well here at Hayden Lake Marina we understand your concern, and that’s why Hayden Lake is the perfect place to bring your family and friends for a day of fun and relaxation on the water.


Let us give you some reasons to love Hayden Lake

Hayden Lake offers fishermen and boaters a more relaxing and calm environment because of the lake’s size and the fact that there is only one true public boat launch. Simply put, Hayden Lake doesn’t get as many boaters or as big of boats compared to Lake Coeur d’Alene, which means better water conditions for fishing, tubing, water skiing, or just relaxing with your family and friends on one of our boat rentals.

Another benefit of renting a boat with us, besides its relaxing environment, is The  Boathouse here at the marina. After spending a day out on the lake or before they get started, enjoy an ice-old beverage, snack or ice cream cone. Hayden Lake is simply a great place to rent a boat! And just because you’re a boat renter doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality.


Here at Hayden Lake Marina, we believe that boat renters should have a quality experience, one where they can make memories with family and friends that will last them a lifetime. That’s why we always insist our guests slow down and enjoy their stay. Hayden Lake Marina is also a private marina, so you’ll never have to fight the public launch traffic. We also believe that as a boat renter, you should have a selection of quality boats to choose from. We always offer our boat renters newer, up to date boat models, so you’ll always be cruising the lake in style. We also offers our boat renters complimentary rental boats slips. So that way you can always have the waterfront experience without having to spend all that extra money.

Still not sure about renting a boat on Hayden Lake, we would love to give you more reasons to love the Lake! Give us a call or stop by the marina!